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Real Innovators Venture Studio is a comprehensive and intensive set of hands-on workshops, team meetings, hard workload and challenging duties.

The studio aims to form extreme teams with highly set of skills and knowledge to tackle a real world problem to create a creative solution that will turn into commercial innovative business model.

You will join a 16+ week’s program with a real team who eagers to make the difference in this world that start before the idea to beyond building a real business.  The journey is endless, unless you give up (which is not real innovator’s magnanimity).

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The Studio stands for high values and believes that everyone has a superpower and creative mindset, we just build the studio to unleash their talents. instead of working chunks and small bites, we compound the force and get them on the track to become extreme force to creatively renovate the challenges they people faces.


New way of thinking and looking at the challenge by empathize with people and turn their pains into opportunity, and ultimately into business.


keep learning and acquire new set of skills and knowledge of the future and keep fighting to be on the top


Good Idea are great, but it still an idea without turn them into tangible formation of profitable business model


cross functional team that assemble with passionate to make the change in world and impact the business economy

The program’s main pillars are mix of design and coding to build the product or the service, however with other skills you need to be able to bring this product/service to market at the right way and with the right group. More skills you will need to run the business and sustain in the market. Seems obvious, but the process is entrenched with creative methods and innovation tools to bring the best on the table.

This just mix of some skills and major work need at the beginning, but also, we need more to able to scale and grow and keep in mind the support service that will be need in every reputable company

Coming from the user experience as main trigger to build better service and products which not only make people life’s better, but also, we are looking for more delightful total experience. With this a starting point, all the way to innovation, we need to figure out how mix all this one more meaningful and comprehensive way.  This way we lunch this program to bring all together all what we learn into formation of startup venture studio.

Innovations had better be capable of being started small, requiring at first little money, few people, and only a small and limited market. Otherwise, there is not enough time to make the adjustments and changes that are almost always needed for an innovation to succeed. Initially innovations rarely are more than ‘almost right’. The necessary changes can be made only if the scale is small and the requirements for people and money fairly modest

― Peter F. Drucker

Innovation should not be the goal of creative people; the innovation is the results of the solution a complex problem. Floating solution is meaningless unless it package in form profitable business model that can grow and scale, and these are aspect of real innovators venture startup studio.

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