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Brave Heart

If you have dream that make you wake up earlier and get out from you bed to work with love, this is the passionate you have to keep working and achieve your goals. It Is not about a day or two, weeks or month, that should be in your DNA to keep you going with repel and persist to reach the best of you.

Creative Mind

Every year, many developers are graduated from school with reputable degree, what make one distinct from others? One simple factor, and very heavy loaded, is how do they orchestrated their job? Are they just do it, or they have their own touch that make them unique and done even in less time.

Domain Expert

If you love what you do and are very deep on it, like full stack developers who read ZEROs and ONEs, you are in the right place to make these skills to the next level and start building you own story that everyone is exciting to hear. 

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Mainly Mobile apps developments, either native language or hybrid using No Coding tools as a method that can bring the solution to the market fast, learn, and rebuild again.

Business Development

Focusing on establishing a firm footing that will allow a product to become a company. By helping to fund and partnerships with others business. 

UX Design

UX designers start the process by researching everything and analyzing the potential of the product in the market. They create buyer personas and ensure that the crafted product is in line with the needs of the end users. Additionally, they identify the real pain points of your product.


Good marketing helps you to put your products and services at the front of every customer's mind. Marketing helps you to establish your brand, and makes you the first option to turn to when in need of a specific product. It is not limited to ads, campaigning, etc… the critical tasks here is active market research.


Provide strategic support and advice in the handling of critical business issues, expansion plans for different businesses and draft the key communications. - Will be responsible for Growth strategy, sales strategy, Sales planning & implementation


Before you think about joining the Studio, ask yourself is starting a startup is the right direction for you?

Starting a startup is very hard, you do not expect to just to start one, will be done with little effort, not even hard work, you will need to work extremely hard to reach to the extraordinary startup you are hear and dream of.
starting a startup is great and wonderful journey, but it is not for everyone
Here are what is expected from you
Working Extra Hours

Startup needs lot of working hours and time and you are expected to working days, and nights, and on the weekends. you need to commit at least 20 hours per week

Smart Team Player

You are part  of cross functional team and you need to works together (not alone) to achieve the desire tasks, and you relies on yourself not others.

Going extra Miles

stay to complete the race and get out of your comfort zone which means you need to keep learning new subjects and always be proactive

Commit to Finish

Tasks will be assigned to you and everyone in the team are expected to be completed on time with high quality without bugging on your back

Meets Real Innovators
محمد بن نور
مصمم واستشاري تجربة المستخدم

مشاركتنا في برنامج المبتكرون الحقيقيون كان من أعظم وأجمل التجارب التي خضتها خلال مسيرتي العملية والتي تركت بصمة جد ايجابية ، برنامج يضم قائد ملهم ومبتكر (محمد الابراهيم) طريقة إدارته للفرق وطريقة العمل الملهمة ، مع التعرف على فرق رائعة كل في تخصصه يعطيك وصفة لإنجاز مشاريع مبتكرة لتحقيق رؤية 2030

رنا الجار الله

من أكثر التجارب المُثمرة بالنسبة لي ،فأنت لن تصنع شركة ناشئة فقط !!! بل ستعيش: الحماس، بناء معرفة جديدة، التعرف على أشخاص مبدعين، خلق مفاهيم جديدة، شغف، تعمق، صقل مهاراتك، تجربة مختلفة، وأكثر من ذلك ?

بشرى دهام
برنامج كامل متكامل لكل شخص يريد الدخول في عالم ريادة الاعمال والابتكار وتمكن من ادواته بشكل عملي وفعال واكتساب الكثير من المهارات جديده  من قائد ملهم ومعلم صاحب العطاء الغير محدود أ.محمد البراهيم
(وانا اقولكم لو ماعندكم قوة خارقة راح يصير عندكم قوه خارقة )
Monera AlKhaldi
Co-founder & CEO

A really enjoyable and informative journey with different minds. It was a wonderful practice of the knowledge with practical activities which – I see – are very important for both personal and professional life. Thank you RealInnovators

أحمد عقيل
Business Development

سبق لي أن سجلت دورات و برامج في مسرعات أعمال وما تعلمته منهم كانت رؤوس أقلام لا يسمن ولا يغني من جوع في عالم الريادة والابتكار وكانت مدتها قصيرة والحاضرين أعدادهم كثيرة ما تسمح للمدرب انه يتفاعل مع العدد الكبير بشكل فردي …. وفي رحلتي للتعليم الذاتي سجلت في برنامج المبتكرون الحقيقيون كمبتدئ وكان نقطة تحول في حياتي. جعلني أنظر لعالم الريادة والابتكار بعدسة المحترف وللتطبيقات بعدسة المكتشف وللمنتجات بعدسة المبتكر

Alhasan Alshaibani
Marketing Consultant
This is the first and only program I experienced in the last few years which is focusing on building real innovators and long lasting entrepreneurship skills.
The core competencies of the team in addition to variety of experiences they have adds a lot in addressing verified issues and building suitable sustainable solutions to be the basis for new setup company that serves our community and builds our country’s local content in knowledge, innovation and contribute to the business growth.
عوض عبدالله ال مسفوه
مطور تطبيقات

البرنامج ايجابي جدا وكسبت منه الكثير المهارات والمعلومات التي طورت من قدراتي في بعض الجوانب التي تخص ريادة الاعمال وغيرها. كان لدي تخوف بعض الشيء من النتائج لكن بالنظر لما وصلت إليه الآن مع فريقي فالبرنامج فعل معنا المستحيل الذي لم نتوقعه أبدًا ليصل بنا الى نقطة الانطلاق الى عالم به الكثير من التشويق والتحدي

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