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Thank you for reach this point, you are brave
Our Approach

Every week we will learn new concepts, that is part of the venture creation, and everyone will be asked to think and work

Program etiquette

You are expected to join on time, no late show, within your dedicated office space (no GYM or in cars meetings) and will share, speak, participant and work during full 3 hours a day

Before you apply please make sure you Are Ready and agree to the followings:

you have a space that you can work from on big project and dedicate at least 20 hours / week and you enjoy working your dream project

you are working on the high performance and able to do the job or learn how to do it yourself with Motto:  “I CAN DO IT!” 

You are able to commit and attend teams meeting and workshops on evening and able to finish the assign tasks on agreed deadlines

Application is now opened will close on 10-Feb-2022

Days until close

Next Cohort starts on 02-MARCH-2022

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